YO WhatsApp update APK 2022 latest version download

YO WhatsApp APK Download
Where to download YO WhatsApp Update APK 2022 latest version? If you are looking for it, then you have come to the right place, this time you will place YO WhatsApp 2022 latest version download link, you can download it, you can update it, or you can install it. If you want to experience Yo WhatsApp APK then you can update it as soon as possible.

YO WhatsApp update APK 2022 latest version download

Yo WhatsApp (aka YoWA) is a modified version of the WhatsApp application with additional features. The application was developed by Yousef Al-Basha (a well-known name in the mod apk world) and the name of the application was inspired by the name of the developer. Well, the official name of Yo Whatsapp is YoWA, with the word Yo being taken from the developer's name and WA being taken from the word WhatsApp.

YoWA offers themes, a built-in app lock option, the ability to send messages without saving your phone number in your contacts, increased file size limits and more. You can hide these privacy: last double tick, view, blue tick and other options.Yo WhatsApp is similar to GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. however, some features in these three apps are different. You do not need to root your Android phone to download the Yo WhatsApp update to install these apps.

Many people use two WhatsApps on the same device, and some users want to increase the file size limit, which is easy to do with the Yo WhatsApp APK and other modifications.

In addition to these features, it also allows to change the default green colour of WhatsApp. So if you are bored with the green colour, use the latest version of yowa and change the whole theme with it. Furthermore, it is best suited for emoji lovers as it has an emoji variant.

Note: Yo WhatsApp APK is a third party application and this application is not available in the Google Play shop. Downloading apps from unknown sources or the internet is not good for your privacy and security. Therefore, you use this application at your own risk.

Requirements for downloading and installing Yo WhatsApp

Well, you can install this app on all Android devices and the requirements are the same as for the official WhatsApp app. However, here is a list of the basic requirements.

  • Android operating system version 5.0 or higher is required.
  • A working internet connection.
  • A mobile phone number for creating an account.
  • To install it on your PC, you need an Android emulator software such as Bluestack.

YO WhatsApp Update APK 2022 Latest Version Download New Features


Here is the list of features in the latest version of Yo WhatsApp. However, most of the features of Yo WhatsApp are the same as WhatsApp Plus APK and GB WhatsApp pro. However, the Yo WhatsApp APK also offers some unique new features.


  • 1. Send large media files: One of the biggest drawbacks of the official WhatsApp is that it limits the file size limit. Unlike WhatsApp you can send files of up to 1GB on YO Whatsapp.
  • 2. Built-in app lock: Most people install a third party app lock app to lock the WhatsApp app. However, YoWhatsApp has its own built-in app locking option. In addition, you can lock the entire app and lock chat threads for specific contacts individually. It supports Pattern, Pin, Passcode and Fingerprint locks . 
  • 3. New privacy options: WhatsApp has, however, added new privacy features in its new update. However, in YoWhatsapp, you will see more privacy features. These privacy features are useful. You can show/hide last viewed, double tick, blue tick, online status, typing status and recording status. 
  • 4. Sending large file images in HD: When you send photos on Whatsapp, WhatsApp reduces their size and quality. But with Yo WhatsApp, you can send uncompressed photos. However, this feature is not so useful. This is because you can send images in their original size in the official WhatsApp app. 
  • 5. DIY YO WhatsApp theme: In YoWhatsApp, you can change the theme inside as many times as you like. So, this option is very useful because everyone likes themes and has different colour tastes. In addition, you can make your own themes and save them as a zip. The saved themes can then be used on different phones. However, WhatsApp does not offer any theme options. However, this is a trick to change the WhatsApp theme and colours. 
  • 6. Send a message to a number: With this option you can send a message to any number without having to save it in your contacts list. You can send a message directly to any number registered on WhatsApp.
  • 7. Hide photos and videos in YO WhatsApp: You can choose to hide any photos and videos in WhatsApp from the gallery. However, you can use the File Manager application to hide WhatsApp media files from the library. However, this option is very simple. 
  • 8. Convert video to GIF in up to 30 seconds: WhatsApp allows up to 6 seconds of video to be converted to GIF. however, in YoWhatsApp you can convert video to gif for up to 30 seconds.
  • 9. Show blue ticks after replies: This option is very useful. This is because your friends will only see the blue tick mark when you reply.
  • 10. YO WhatsApp update: Yousef Al-Basha is the first to update YoWA every time the official PlayStore offers an update to Whatsapp, so you can get all the new features from WhatsApp without having to worry about them.
  • 11. Background customisation: You can set any image as a chat background within YO WhatsApp. So, if you are a fan of customisation, then this feature is perfect for you. It also enhances your experience while chatting.
  • 12.Call blocking: If you are tired of WhatsApp calls, then this option will make you happy. Sometimes people get annoyed with calls on WhatsApp and you can't stop a specific contact on WhatsApp from making a call. However, if you are using the Yousef YOWA apk, you can block calls from a specific contact.
  • 13. Chat bubbles: You can choose to change the chat screen on YO WhatsApp. Very many of our friends like this customisation feature.
  • 14. White navigation bar: If your smartphone is running Android 5.0 or higher, then you can change the colour of the navigation bar. Well, if you have a lower version of Android, this option is not available.
  • 15.Emoji variants: Well, most emoji lovers like this mod apk just because of the emoji variants. You can use YoWhatsApp to change the emoji style. It supports a very wide range of styles of emojis variants. 
  • 16. Copy chat conversations without date/time: In the original official WhatsApp app, when you copy a chat conversation, it copies the date and time of the chat conversation by default. However, YoWA has removed this option and you can copy the chat without the date and time.
  • 17. Zoom avatars: Well, you can't zoom avatars in the official app. However. YoWA allows to zoom in on the profile picture by double clicking.

That's all you need to download the latest version of YO WhatsApp Update APK 2022. If you are interested in the updated features of YO WhatsApp, then you can try to download this interesting YO WhatsApp 2022 APK!

Is YOWhatsApp Safe? Something You Need to Know About YOWhatsApp

 Hi, my friends, are you using YOWhatsApp? You may already know that YOWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, which is very popular in the market. Excellent developers overcame the shortcomings of WhatsApp, improved the original features of WhatsApp, and also added some advanced features, so this YOWhatsApp Mod was born!

Is YOWhatsApp Safe? Something You Need to Know About YOWhatsApp

Since YOWhatsApp is a third-party application. It cannot be downloaded in the Google play center. Even if some users download it because of its irresistible charm, will they still vaguely worry about the safety of YOWhatsApp? Will it be dangerous to my phone? Will my privacy be revealed?

Now I will tell you if YOWhatsApp is safe. After removing your doubts, you can decide whether to continue using YOWhatsApp.

Click here for YO WhatsApp update latest version from official website

Malware intrusion

As mentioned above, YOWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp. It violates certain Google Play policies and therefore cannot be searched on Google Play. It is for this reason that you need to download YOWhatsApp through a third-party application. And your mobile device needs to allow the installation of software from unknown sources. Unknown third-party sources are likely to carry malware viruses that can damage your phone if they are not detected by your phone device.

Account banned

WhatsApp does not allow the existence of modified versions on the market. YOWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and other modified versions of WhatsApp are not available for download on Google Play. If the WhatsApp team detects you using its modified version, your WhatsApp account can be banned and even lost.

Privacy leak

There is no doubt that the mobile phone allows the installation of software from unknown sources, which is likely to bring the risk of privacy leakage. Maybe your private information may not be visible to others, but the team developing YOWhatsApp is likely to know.

Maybe you ask since there are so many risks in YOWhatsApp, why do people still download it? Yes, YOWhatsApp is somewhat not safe. According to research data, YOWhatsApp users have not encountered the above risks at present. This is because the developers have developed advanced protection features to protect users’ data and privacy that the original version of WhatsApp did not have. In this sense, YOWhatsApp is advanced.

Moreover, my friend, please think carefully, when we use any software, it is accompanied by risks. No software developer can swear and say, “Download my application, bro, it is safe and reliable absolutely”

The charm of Yowhatsapp is hard to ignore. If you want to experience a different style of WhatsApp and enjoy more advanced features, YOWhatsApp is a great choice.

Why my FouadWhatsApp is not Working?

 When your Fouad WhatsApp is not working, you may be experiencing several problems. You need to double check your phone settings and your Fouad WhatsApp.

Why my FouadWhatsApp is not Working?

  • Phone storage space is no longer enough
  • Fouad WhatsApp is not updated
  • The mobile device is disconnected from the network
  • Fouad WhatsApp has not been given access to the phone’s settings

If you have any of these problems, they are fairly easy to solve. Here are a few of the solutions listed. You can try to fix the problem of Fouad WhatsApp not working.

1.Clear Storage

Running out of memory will cause Fouad WhatsApp speed. This will not only affect Fouad WhatsApp but also other software. Hence making make sure you clear the junk or uninstall unwanted apps when you’re running out of storage.

2.Allow Fouad WhatsAppt to access the storage

When it is not possible to send photos or upload avatars from the gallery and other such actions, maybe your Fouad WhatsApp does not have access to some of your phone’s devices. Fouad WhatsApp needs to be allowed to have access to your photo albums, recordings, contacts, etc.

3.Connecting to the Internet

Everything in WhatsApp needs to work on the Internet. If your phone does not connect to WiFi or your traffic data is not turned on, then your Fouad WhatsApp must not work.

4Download the Latest Version of Fouad WhatsAppt.

The new version will fix some of the bugs of the old version and more importantly will add surprising features.If you are having problems with your Fouad WhatsApp, then you should update to the latest version.

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¿Es seguro WhatsApp Plus?

Hola amigos, ¿Estás usando WhatsApp Plus? Como ya sabrás, WhatsApp Plus es una versión modificada de WhatsApp que es muy popular en el mercado. Los buenos desarrolladores superaron las deficiencias de WhatsApp y mejoraron las características originales de WhatsApp. También se agregaron algunas características avanzadas. ¡Así nació este WhatsApp Plus mod!

¿Es seguro WhatsApp Plus?

Click to download official: descargar WhatsApp Plus 2022Hay otros mods relativamente buenos para WhatsApp, como YO WhatsApp. ¡Es un MOD muy sólido!

Como WhatsApp Plus es una aplicación de terceros. No se puede descargar desde Google Play center. Aunque algunos usuarios lo descargan debido a su encanto irresistible, ¿Están vagamente preocupados por la seguridad de WhatsApp Plus? ¿Es peligroso para mi teléfono? ¿Mi privacidad se verá afectada?

Ahora te diré si WhatsApp Plus es seguro o no. Después de aclarar sus dudas, puede decidir si desea continuar con WhatsApp Plus.

Intrusión de malware

Como se mencionó anteriormente, WhatsApp Plus es una versión modificada de WhatsApp. Viola ciertas políticas de Google Play y, por lo tanto, no se puede buscar en Google Play. Esta es la razón por la que necesita descargar Whatsapp Plus a través de una aplicación de terceros. Y su dispositivo móvil debe permitir la instalación de software de origen desconocido. Las fuentes desconocidas de terceros pueden contener virus de malware que pueden dañar su teléfono si no son detectados por su dispositivo móvil.

Cuentas bloqueadas

WhatsApp no permite versiones modificadas en el mercado. WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp y otras versiones modificadas de WhatsApp no se pueden descargar de Google Play. Si el equipo de WhatsApp descubre que estás usando su versión modificada, tu cuenta de WhatsApp se suspenderá o incluso se perderá.

Violación de privacidad

No hay duda de que puede usar su teléfono para instalar software de origen desconocido. Es muy probable que haya un riesgo de fuga de privacidad. Tu mensaje privado puede no ser visto por otros, pero el equipo que desarrolló WhatsApp Plus puede saberlo.

Usted puede preguntar, ¿Por qué la gente sigue descargando WhatsApp Plus cuando hay tantos riesgos? Sí, WhatsApp Plus no es seguro de alguna manera. De acuerdo con los datos del estudio, los usuarios de WhatsApp Plus actualmente no están expuestos a los riesgos mencionados anteriormente. La razón es que los desarrolladores han desarrollado medidas de seguridad avanzadas para proteger los datos y la privacidad de los usuarios que no existían en la versión original de WhatsApp. En este sentido, WhatsApp Plus es avanzado.

Y, amigo mío, recuerde que cualquier software que utilizamos conlleva riesgos. Ningún desarrollador de software puede jurar "descarga mi aplicación bro, es completamente seguro y confiable".

El encanto de WhatsApp Plus es difícil de ignorar. WhatsApp Plus es una buena opción si desea probar diferentes WhatsApp y disfrutar de características más avanzadas.

How do I know if my WhatsApp YO is being tracked or monitored by someone? - Yo WhatsApp download

 If you're worried about your WhatsApp YO being monitored, you can pick up those phone signals. These signals allow you to check if your WhatsApp YO is being monitored.

How do I know if my WhatsApp YO is being tracked or monitored by someone?

Click the below link to download from official website yowhatsapp.org: Yo WhatsApp download

1. Check your WhatsApp notifications.

You can call YO WhatsApp and see if it's sending you any weird messages. If hackers have been monitoring your account, they may be able to change certain aspects of your privacy and account Settings. Therefore, please check if they send you a message such as "change data".

2. Check your WhatsApp conversations

Open YO's WhatsApp conversation screen and scroll down to see if there are any unknown conversations. For example, if you receive an unknown message from a stranger, or if you send a message to someone else without your knowledge. If this is the case, chances are your account is being monitored.

3. Check your personal information

Hackers may try to change your personal information for any purpose. So it's a good idea to check your profile to see if anyone is following you. If your profile has been changed, you should take security measures to protect your account.

WhatsApp has other relatively good plugins, such as whatsapp plus actualizado 2022, WhatsApp Plus 2022 is similar to YO WhatsApp,both are MODs and have a lot of features, but some of the focus of the two applications are different, YOWhatsApp is more focused on the customization and personalization piece. The other features of descargar whatsapp plus are also great!